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This is it. The product of just over a year of pondering the only het pairing that has ever held my attention so raptly. Please make sure you've read the disclaimer on the main page, and also please understand that a lot, if not most, of these stories are R or NC-17 in their content. If you can't go to a movie with those ratings, your parents and I would all appreciate it if you entertained yourself somewhere else.

But. If you're old enough, and haven't been chased away by dry sarcasm yet, have fun. And I adore feedback.

rogue. craziness. some stuff about logan.

clinging cures
rogue/scott. yeah, i know, the shock.

counting backwards
rogue/logan. xavier and magneto have their parts, too.

defensive lines
rogue/logan. one of my earliest attempts.

rogue. first x-men story. logan's in there, but not really 'shippy.

life less static
rogue/logan. logan POV. touching issues.

memorial markers
rogue/logan. a little craziness.

logan, mostly. sex on a sink.

towards temperate
rogue, mostly. similar to sevening in format.

front lines
mystique. badness ensues. don't expect this to be pretty.

paradigm shift
jean/logan. blech, i know. and no, scott does not console himself with rogue.

accidentally like a martyr
rogue and logan, but not quite like that. anger and adventure and touching, oh my.

stand still, time
kinda sorta xavier/magneto. i said kinda. sorta. yeah.

traveling on empty
on change, and realization.

pain, internal and elsewhere.

take a trip, see the world. rogue figures shit out. sequel to submerge.

*new*venn: in the overlap
an r/l piece about change, hesitancy, and keeping differences in common.