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made in america

Made In America
by Molly
April 2002
Improv #10: foreign, false, smooth, tumble

Lex's voice kicks into gear exactly as his cars do, with the smooth perfection that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. That calculated purr could very well have Made in Germany somewhere on it, or some variation thereof. "Bred in Wealth." You couldn't miss it, not if you listened.

It's foreign to Clark, no doubt about it. He understands Ford and Chevy, understands the lulling appeal of watching small tufts of hay as they roll and tumble down the asphalt of a quiet highway. He understands honesty, and integrity, and the way things are and always have been.

And Lex opens his mouth and the voice slips out, cultivated and developed and *refined*, and something hidden layers deep rings false to Clark. Something beneath the surface of "my father did this" and "my father did that." Something far beneath "I'm yours, Clark. Tell me your secrets."

He can't. In the end, Jonathan is right, and Lex is different, and no small sighs and gentle caresses will change that. No amount of love, either. Every engine breaks, and there isn't a mechanic in Smallville who would know how to fix Lex's cars.