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places to go
'net-a-holic, baby. here's where i go.

so i'm online a lot. too much. and i ain't checking my email all that much. so here we have as many of my favorite pages as i could think of under pressure. if i've forgotten anyone, and you know me well enough to know you should be on this list, then you should also know i love you and am just stupid, so kick me. besides, i'll be constantly adding to this list as i figure out how the hell to get all my old bookmarks off my zip drive.


x-men: the movie fanfic central

852 prospect
the sentinel slash archive

stargate: sg1 slash archive

area 52
another stargate: sg1 slash archive

stargate: sg1 gen archive

buffy the vampire slayer fanfiction archive

personal sites of goddesses among mere mortals

buffy, angel, x-men, roswell, and some other stuff. elizabeth is amazing.

all i can say is i adore her. multi-fandom.

kate bolin's site. tons and tons of stuff.